04-3   Samuel Birdsall July 11, 1687

04-3     Samuel4, Benjamin3, Nathan2, Henry1

Samuel Birdsall was born July 11 1687 and married 1) Sarah Townsend in 1716 and 2) Rose Wright in 1756.  Samuel died March 9, 1761


Per notes from The Birdsall Family by George A. Birdsall, revised edition 1982:


These dates were taken from a Bible printed in 1599.  Sarah was the granddaughter of Samuel Townsend who built Raynham Hall in 1740, Oyster Bay, N.Y.  During the Revolution it was the headquarters and recruiting center for those who wanted to join the British Army.  Sarah was born 1685 and died 12-13-1754, age 70.  The Mill “Mill Neck” built 1694 was built by Henry Townsend, John Feckes, Samuel and William Birdsall.  Samuel Birdsell, in 1695, purchased the northerly part of the Horner Grant and erected a mill thereon.  It was known in 1912 as Silas Cock’s Mill.


Children of Samuel Birdsall and 1) Sarah Townsend, surname Birdsall:


(Editor’s Note:  The following offspring information is taken from Sherry Sharp’s Genealogy Website)


05-0  Samuel, b. Jun 1, 1717


05-1  Benjamin, b. Jun 10, 1720 and married Martha Smith c1740.  Benjamin died in 1771


05-2 Sarah, b. 1715


05-3 Nathaniel, b. June 1, 1717, m. Seaman


05-4 Margaret, b. 1720, m. Jacob Seaman


05-5 Jacob, b. July 13, 1722, m. Elizabeth Whitson, Matinecock, Long Island, NY


05-7 Daniel, b. Sept 23, 1724, m. Miss Jenny ______ of Matinecock, Long Island, NY




            The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 3

Note:  The Birdsall Family also lists two additional children, Sarah, b. 1715 and Margaret, b. 1720, m. Jacob Seaman. 

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