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James Birdsall was born on Oct 28, 1728, son of Nathan and Jane (Langdon) Birdsall.  He married Hannah “Betty” Akin (she b. Oct 10, 1728) on Dec 15, 1747 in Pawling, Dutchess Co., N.Y.  James died on Sept 7, 1817 and is buried in Quaker Hill Cemetery, Delaware, N.Y.


From The Birdsall Family, notes 31 and 102:


James was born in the same year that his father, Nathan, went to Quaker Hill, Dutchess County, N.Y.  Hannah’s father built a saw mill on Quaker Hill and that mill brought her family great wealth as well as great comfort to the people on Quaker Hill.  James was the first white settler born on Quaker Hill.  His mother showed him to the curious Indians and they enjoyed him very much.


James was a speculator in lands.  He was enrolled at Oblong as a Quaker and exempt from military service on April 22, 1755.  His old home was still standing in Haviland Hollow in 1912.  James willed his daughter Phebe Sill, “the house where she now lives and the garden and the land where the orchard is east of the house, etc., up the hill and so northerly to John Towner’s land, thence westerly down the hill between the house of David Birdsall and the house in which Phebe now lives.”  He left his son, David, “my desk and my great Bible.”  James was in the N.Y. 3rd Regiment, Dutchess County Militia.  He also came under the “Land Bounty Rights.”  He married out of the Friends Society, leaving this note:


Whereas I have troubled my Friends in marrying out from amongst Friends, I freely acknowledge I have done amiss and am sorry for it and desire Frends would pass it on by and continue their care over me.  I do hope by the Lord’s assistance, I may be preserved from doing anything to trouble my Friends any more.


                                    JAMES BIRDSALL


Children of James Birdsall and Hannah Akin, surname Birdsall:


06-57 Mary (Polly), b. Dec 16, 1747, m. Rev. Samuel Towner (he d. 1814).  They had one daughter, Anna (07-99), who m. Eli Haviland (first cousin through Anna, 06-60)


06-58 Thomas, b. Nov 16, 1751, m. Priscilla Marsh of Southeast, Pawling, N.Y.


06-59 Phebe, b. Jan 28, 1754, m. Uriah Sill and lived in Nathan Birdsall house, 2 miles south of Akin Corners, Quaker hill


06-60 Anna, b. May 28, 1756, m. John Haviland.  Their son Eli (07-108) married first cousin Anna (07-99)


06-61 Sarah, b. Oct 28, 1758, m. John Townsend on Oct 18, 1779


06-62 Martha, b. Feb 29, 1763, m. John Birdsall (06-71) (first cousin) in 1766


06-63 James Jr., b. Feb 29, 1761, m. Hanna Akin (same name as mother).




The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 24




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