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Phoebe Birdsall was born in 1749, daughter of Nathan Birdsall and Jane (Langdon) Birdsall.  She married 1) John Thomas and 2) Jeremiah Sabin.  Phoebe d. in 1797 in Pawling, Dutchess County, N.Y.


The Birdsall Family, 1982 Note 5 states:


Phebe Birdsall m. (1754) did not marry Gabriel Cook as I had it in my 1964 book and I did not have time to study it thoroughly.  The Cook family record was returned as wequested.  Which Phebe, Gabriel married is yet unsolved.


In 1966 Mrs. Sabin claimed her ancestor Jeremiah Sabin married Phebe Birdsall.  In a book of the “Quaker Hill Series” Miss Joseph Frost, who actually knew many of the descendants and who lived much closer to those days, wrote in 1909 that Phebe married Uriah Sill.  I also gather from her writing that John Thomas was in partnership with his brother Abram in the blacksmith shop.  John died suddenly shortly after he married Phebe.  She kept her maiden name and later on about 1770 married her second husband, Jeremiah Sain.  Their family is as follows:


Jeremiah Sabin (     ) m. Phebe Birdsall, m.(1770).  She died 1779-8 in Pawling,

Dutchess County N.Y.

Jeremiah Sabin b. 8-2-1771, m. Susanna (1793); d. 3-6-1847 in

Moravia, N.Y.

Abel Sabin b. 1774, m. Jane Outcalt, Memphis, Michigan.  He d. 1861

Carlton Sabin, b. 6-14-1817, m. Cordelia Bristol

Louis Sabin, b. 6-25-1867, m. Nellie Blanchard on 6-22-1890

Carlton Sabin, b. 3-17-1893, m. Emma Jo Schlosser,

They lived in St. Marie, Michigan

Charlotte Sabin, b. 10-8-1785, m. Dr. Rufus Balding, m. 1803

John Sabin, b. 1787, m. Sun Sears, 5-8-1809

Ephraim Sabin, b. 1790, m. Jerusha Culver

Lydia Sabin, b. 10-4-1797, m. Calvin Hard, m. 12-27-1814




The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 2 and Note 5



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