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Benjamin Birdsall was born in 1705 in Dumbee Swamp, Long Island, NY, son of Joseph Birdsall.  The name of his mother is not known.  He married Martha Smith in 1724 at Oyster Bay.  Benjamin moved to New Jersey, stayed a few years and went back to Oyster Bay, although some of his children stayed in Barnegat, New Jersey.  Benjamin d. Sept 13, 1771


Benjamin left this will, August 20, 1771.  It was witnessed by his second cousin, Daniel of Zadock:


Know all men by these Presents that I Benjamin Birdsall of Oyster Bay, in Queens County, being infirm and weak this August 20, 1771, “and being willing to set my house in order”.  My wife Martha is to live in my house and bring up the children which are under age, and she is to have the produce of all my lands.  If she marries, I will her one bed and bedding with the furnishings thereto belonging.  If my daughter Phebe, should live to marry, my son Benjamin is to give her a setting out, the same as I have given my daughters Sarah and Mary, and if he refuses, my executors are to see that it is done.  I leave to my daughters Martha, Deborah and Elizabeth, also each an out set, to be furnished by my son Benjamin.  If he refuses to do so the same, then my executors are to sell such part of my estate as their discretion shall direct to make that Legacy Authentick.  When my son, Nathaniel, is 10 years old my executors are to sell all my lands at a place called Dumbee Swamp, and put the money at interest for him till he is of age, and he is to be sent to school so as he may learn to Read, Write and Cypher, and when he is 13 or 14 he is to be put to a trade as his mother and executors think proper.  If he dies, then it is to go to my six children, Sarah, Mary, Phebe, Martha, Deborah, and Elizabeth, and whereas I owe money on bonds, my executors are to raise money on my lands and estate, and a negro woman and all my cattle.  I leave my kinsman Tunis Wortman and my lovely friends Joseph Townsend and Daniel Young Jr., Executors.  Witnesses: Daniel Birdsall, Thomas Fleet, Alexander Foster, September 13, 1771.  Will approved.


Children of Benjamin Birdsall and Martha Smith, surname Birdsall:


06-87 Sarah


06-88 Mary


06-89 Benjamin, b. 1730, m. Elizabeth Purdy


06-151 Phebe


06-152 Martha


06-153 Deborah


06-154 Elizabeth


06-155 Nathaniel



Note:  Phebe, Martha, Deborah, Elizabeth and Nathaniel added as indicated in text of Benjamin’s will above.




The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 70 and Note 75



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