05-43   Elijah Birdsall   1730

05-43   Elijah5 Jacob4 Nathaniel3, Nathan2, Henry1


Elijah Birdsall was born in 1730 (or 1739 depending on the source) in Evesham, Burlington, New Jersey.  He m. Mary_____ on July 3, 1782


Children of Elijah Birdsall and Mary_____, surname Birdsall:


06-123 Sarah


06-124 Lydia


06-125 Willie


06-126 Anna


06-127 Heziah


06-128 Elijah, b. 1754, m. _____ Seaman.  He was a brickmaker in NJ, owned $800 worth of real estate



Note from site administrator:

Information about this Elijah, son of Jacob has been difficult to corroborate.  George A. Birdsall in The Birdsall Family, 1982 states that he was born in 1730, but  another source states the date as Oct 1, 1739 (WikiTree https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Burdsall-47 ) and yet another states January 10, 1729 (https://www.geni.com/people/Elijah-Birdsall/6000000006589444792?through=6000000006589449176).  In both conflicting cases, the Elijah is said to be son of Jacob Birdsall and Elizabeth (Coles) Birdsall.

Ancestry.com (https://www.ancestry.com/genealogy/records/elijah-burdsall-24-10kk0j) has an Elijah Burdsall 1749 to 1799 as father of Elijah Birdsall born on Nov 7, 1744.  On that site, the father Elijah’s spouse is Mary Wills, and The Birdsall Family states that the father’s spouse was Mary ____, although ancestry.com states that Elijah Jr. (06-128) was wife of Esther S. Prickett, which is different from The Birdsall Family.

I have left this Elijah listed as written in The Birdsall Family until further information is available.





The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 76



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