06-111†† Zephenia Birdsall†† 1767

06-111†† Zephenia6, Zadock5, William4,William3, Nathan2, Henry1


Zephenia Birdsall was born on Mar 30, 1767 and married Anna Sutton, d. 1855 in Butterville, NY.


The 1850 census shows Zephenia and Anna Sutton as being in Greenwich Township, Huron County, Ohio.Since many of their friends and their son, Zepheniah Jr. had moved to Ohio, it would be expected they would also like to visit Ohio.Since railroad touring was very popular in those days, it is not surprising to find them at their sonís place in Greenwich Township (which was on the railroad line) when the census taker was there.Zephenia was 83 and his wife, Anna was 80.He died five years later at his home in Butterville, NY near New Paltz.


Children of Zephenia Birdsall and Anna Sutton, surname Birdsall:


07-264 Stephen, b. 1796


07-265 Lydia, b. Oct 13, 1798, m. Benona Coutant on Dec 3, 1818


07-266 Phebe, b. 1769, m. Lawrence Sutton


07-267 Zepheniah, b. 1804, m. Ann H_____.




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