06-134   John Lang Birdsall   1785

06-134   John Lang6, James Lang5,  James4,  Henry3, Nathan2, Henry1


John Lang Birdsall was born in 1785, son of James Lang Birdsall and Bathsheba (Palmer) Haight and married Letitia Fowler on Jan 19, 1812.  (She d. 1838)  John Lang d. 1862


George A. Birdsall writes in The Birdsall Family, 1982:


John Lang (1785) m. Letitia Fowler.  They lived in Oxford, Ontario, Canada about 15 years.  On account of the unsettled conditions arising from the French Insurrection, they started back to the United States, driving their cattle and their horses and wagon.  The trip was too hard for Letitia and her daughter Mary, about 22, and they both died on the trip, leaving Emily, one year old and the rest of the family.

Mary Birdsall, b. 1815 died at Niles, Michigan, on the way from Oxford, Ontario, to Illinois in 1838.  Later on her mother Letitia died at Joliet, Illinois, 1838.  They reached their destination, a farm near Elliston, Illinois, Henderson County, in September, 1838.  John Lang, their husband and father died 25 years later, 1863.  His eldest son, Paul D moved to Awuawka, Ill., then to Warren County, Ill., 1853.  In 1869 Paul D Moved to Abingdon to educate his children where he farmed until 1880.  They then went back to his farm in Tompkins Twp., Warren Co., Illinois, 1886


Children of John Lang Birdsall and Letitia Fowler, surname Birdsall:


07-301 Mary, b. 1815, d. 1838 on trip from Canada at Niles, Michigan

07-302 Sarah, b. 1817

07-303 Paul D., b. Jan 31, 1816, m. Fanny Ryder in 1842 (she b. 1825 in Kirkwood, Ill)

07-304 Elizabeth, b. 1821, m. Harvey Brazelton

07-305 Henry, b. 1829, m. Phebe A. Burton

07-306 William, b. Oct 2, 1828, m. Jane Brazelton Jan 20, 1850 (she b. Sep 7, 1831, IN

07-307 John Lang Jr., b. Mar 28, 1832, m. Abigail Wentworth Mar 6, 1856 (she b. 1831).  John d. Nov 28, 1892

07-308 Lydia, b. 1830

07-309 Marshall, b. 1833, m. Adaline Burton

07-310 Emily, b. 1837, m. M. Peake




The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 86, Note 90



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