06-73   Isaac Birdsall   1770

06-73    Isaac6, Nathan5,  Nathan4,  Benjamin3, Nathan2, Henry1


Isaac Birdsall was born in 1770 and married 1) Mary _____, b. 1772 and 2) Letta Birch, Frederick and Marlboro, NY in 1850. 


Per The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, Note 184:


Isaac was born in Connecticut.  His parents lived several places in the Oblong.  At that time the New York-Connecticut boundary had not been surveyed and was still in dispute.  The Oblong was a strip of land a few miles wide along the boundary between the states.  The place where Isaac was born was later determined to be Connecticut.  Isaac probably enjoyed telling people he was born in Connecticut.


Children of Isaac Birdsall and Mary_____, surname Birdsall:


07-153 Mary, b. 1814


07-154 Andrew, b. 1816, m. Julia A. (born 1820)


07-155 Betsy Ann, b. 1818, m. _____Delameter


07-156 Jeremiah, b. 1818, m. Olive P. Hewitt of Hamden and Walton, NY.  They lived in Middletown, Del. Co., NY.  Jeremiah d. March 22, 1895 and Olive d. July 3, 1904.


07-157 Calista, b. 1819


07-158 John, b. 1820


07-159 Richard, b. 1821, m. Elisa (b. 1822)


07-160 Homer, b. 1822, m. Charlotte Beardsley


07-161 Agnes, b. 1824, m. _____ Beardsley of Franklin, NY


07-162 Ira, b. 1825, m. Amelia _____ (b. 1834, d. 1896), d. 1899.  They were living in Delaware County, NY in 1850.


07-163 Isaac, b. 1823.  Isaac was a merchant living alone in 1850.



The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 34, 37 and Note 184


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