06-83   Henry H. Birdsall   1780

06-83    Henry H.6, Benjamin5,  Nathan4,  Benjamin3, Nathan2, Henry1


Henry H. Birdsall was born in 1780 and married Rachel Erwin and possibly 2) Abashaby and d. 1840


Children of Henry H. Birdsall and Rachel Erwin, surname Birdsall:


07-193 Adelade, b. 1810, m. Horace D. Baldwin


07-194 Hester, m. Isaac Marshall


07-195 Fanny, m. Tyrus Page


07-196 Abashaby, m. Oliver Hoyt


07-197 Rachel, m. Gould Hamilton


07-198 Deborah, m. Amos Parsons


07-199 Eliza, m. Chauncey Rogers


07-200 Horace, m. Tryphosa


07-201 Henry Jr., m. Martha ______


07-202 Polly, m. _____ Merrit




The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 47



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