07-32   Andrew Birdsall   1787

07-32  Andrew7, Whitson6,  Jacob5,  Samuel4,  Benjamin3, Nathan2, Henry1


Andrew Birdsall was born April 3,1787 to Whitson Birdsall and Rachel Bradfield.  He married 1) Lydia Canby and 2) Hannah Brooks, Sandy Spring, MD.  Andrew died Jan 12, 1861 in Oakland, Chester Township, Clinton, Ohio.  He is buried at Center Friends Burying Ground, Clinton, Ohio.


Children of Andrew Birdsall and Lydia Canby, surname Birdsall:


08-50 Mary, b. 1813, m. _____ Aldrich


08-51 Thomas W., b. 1814, m. Margaret _____, Chester Twp, Clinton, Co., Ohio


08-52 Rachel P., b. 1817, m. Thomas Longstreet, Miami, Ohio in 1866


08-53 Samuel, b. 1817, m. Mary A_____, Wayne, Montgomery County, IN


08-54 Joseph, b. 1819, d. 2 years old


08-55 Martha, b. 1822, d. 1889, Oakland, Clinton Co., Ohio


08-56 Andrew, b. 1824


08-57 George N., b. 1826, m. Emily Baker, 7th ward, NYC


08-58 Edward, b. 1832, moved to Miami, Ohio in 1866






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