07-34†† John Birdsall†† 1791

07-34John7, Whitson6,Jacob5, Samuel4,Benjamin3, Nathan2, Henry1


John Birdsall was born on June 9, 1791 to Whitson Birdsall and Rachel Bradfield.He married Mary Ann Brown of Bucks County, PA (she dau. of John and Ann Pennington Brown and was born 1793, d. 1859)He d. Sept 28, 1830 in Loudoun, Virgina.


John and Mary Ann lived in Lincoln (Goosecreek), Loudon County, VA.He bought 60 acres of his fatherís homestead and built a comfortable log house near Purcellville, VA.John died Sept 29, 1830 of typhoid fever at age 40, leaving his wife, 5 sons and 3 daughters, the youngest 4 months old.


Children of John Birdsall and Mary Brown, surname Birdsall:


08-59 Anna Brown, b. Jan 18, 1815, d. 1885, Genoa, NE.


08-60 William Pennington, b. Mar 22, 1816, m. Anna P. Graves, Richmond, IN


08-61 John Brown, b. Feb 15, 1817, d. Apr 1865 in Winchester, IN on a visit to Camden, IN, Jay County.


08-62 David, b. Apr 25, 1819, m. Sarah Howell, Goosecreek, VA, d. Sep 16, 1851


08-63 Benjamin J., b. Jan 18, 1822, m. Deborah Hough, Loudon Co., VA, d. Jul 25, 1868


08-69 Rebecca, b. Jan 7, 1825, m. Charles L. Wood, d. Feb, 1854 in Winchester, VA


08-70 Joel, b. Nov 17, 1827, m. Jane C. Brown, Zanesville, Ohio, Logan Co.


08-71 Mary Ellen, b. May 22, 1830, m. 1) Thomas Undewood on Apr 24, 1865 and 2) Isaac Underwood.She d. Jan 18, 1889 in Genoa, Marlboro, Ohio





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