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Isaac Birdsall was born in 1772 on Long Island, Queens County, N.Y.  He married Rachel Brundage at Waterborough, Queens County, NB on July 20, 1788.  Isaac came with his father, Benjamin Birdsall to New Brunswick in 1783.  Since they were United Empire Loyalists fleeing persecution on Long Island, N.Y., it appears that they changed the name from Birdsall to Birdsell.  Subsequent generations from Isaac have used the name Birdsell and Birdsill.  Isaac d. in 1827.


On April 14, 1790, Benjamin Birdsall (Isaac’s father) and 21 other people were granted a variety of numbers of acres in Queens County, NB.  (Land Grants 1784-1997 (RS686), Volume III, Grant number 210, Queens County, 15 Apr 1790, MF 16300).


The following Land Grants were for BenjaminG11 and people with a known

relationship to him:

Birdsell, BenjaminG11 207 acres

Birdsell, IsaacG12 200 acres

Brundage, Andrew 218 acres

Brundage, Josiah 200 acres

Carpenter, Archelaus 235 acres

Carpenter, Coles 230 acres

Fowler, Joshua 217 acres

Gerou, Daniel 242 acres (notice name change from previous land petition)

Golding, Stephen 200 acres

Green, James* 1028 acres

Merritt, Isreal 200 acres

Purdy, Achelaus 215 acres


According to the “History of Queens County, N.B., 1876" by E. Stone Wiggins, as well as the New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Benjamin Birdsell (spelled Birdsill by E. Stone Wiggins and Birdsell by NBGS), a U.E. Loyalist, settled on the Jemseg River, Waterborough Parish, Queens County.[5] The Jemseg flows out of Grand Lake some 50 miles north of the city of Saint John, and into the Saint John River seven miles below.


Children of Isaac Birdsell and Rachel Brundage, surname Birdsell:


08-720 James, b. Oct 1791 or Oct 1794, m. Eleanor Algee (Elgee) on Mar 22, 1821, d. Nov 19, 1866.


08-721 John, b. Feb 1, 1795, m. before 1837 to Margaret S., d. Mar 29, 1873 in Waterford, Norfolk, Ontario.


08-722 Ephraim Carpenter, b. Apr 16, 1797 at Waterborough, Queens, NB, m. Elizabeth Welch, d. Sep 10, 1880 in Charlottesville, Norfolk, Ontario.


08-723 Isaac, b. Jan 4, 1798, m. Elenor Armstrong on Oct 14, 1824, d. Sep 1, 1866


08-724 William, b. Nov 6, 1799, m. Mary Groff, d., Jan 27, 1889


08-725 Rachel Ann, b. 1811 at Waterborough, Queens, NB, d. Oct 27, 1900 at Woodhouse, Norfolk, ON


08-726 Samuel, b. 1812 at Waterborough, Queens, NB, m., Elizabeth Ann, d. 1863 at Norfolk, ON




Source: Ancestors and Descendants of John B. Birdsell, Tricia Birdsell, 2021


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