08-32    Andrew Melick Birdsall

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Andrew was born in 1823, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Melick) Birdsall. Andrew lived at Canboro, and his Father gave him 300 acres of land. A log house was built along the creek, and he "kept batch" for a few years.

When Andrew's sister Elizabeth was preparing for her marriage to Daniel Wilson of Frederiksburg (Delhi), Andrew was sent to Hamilton to bring a young milliner to the Birdsall home to make the hats for the wedding. This young lady was Elizabeth Scott, born March 13, 1829, a daughter of John Scott who was a skilled carpenter. They had come to Canada from England when Elizabeth was about eight years of age. Andrew and Elizabeth were married at Canboro by Rev. Leonard Haney of the Methodist Church on April 26, 1848.

Andrew and Elizabeth were on the second farm toward Fenwick from the cemetery in Canboro and on the same side of the road. The buildings were on that side but most of their land was across the road from the house.

In 1870 Andrew helped his two sons John and Hamilton purchase land in Middleton Township. When Andrew and Elizabeth grew older they moved with their daughter Edith to the farm where John and Annie (Powers) Birdsall lived. The house was on the north side of the Bostwick Road, at the eastern side of Lot 13, C 3 STR. According to John's diary they lived there in 1896.

The entry in the diary for August 15, 1898 --

Had a surprise party for Father's 75th birthday. We gave him a present of an easy chair. I paid $1.00 on it. There were forty present and we had a photographer come and take a picture on the front lawn.

After living in the house on John's farm Andrew and Elizabeth lived in a house in Tillsonburg near the Park where the Tillsonburg Fair is held. In 1902 Andrew and Elizabeth bought a house on Bidwell Street, part of Lot 12 and 13 on the west side of Bidwell Street and a few lots north of Baldwin Street. In 1911 they gave the house and lot to their daughter Edith who lived with them. In 1941 Edith sold it to Charles Birdsall who sold it in 1943 to Ewart Ostrander. In 1996 the area is part of the parking lot of Ostrander's Funeral Home.

Andrew died in 1914. Elizabeth continued to live in the Bidwell Street house with her daughter Edith and husband Oliver Fox. Elizabeth died in 1925.

Children of Andrew and Elizabeth (Scott) Birdsall:

09-96   Samuel Edsel, 1849-1919, married Ella Hare

09-97   John Wellington, 1850-1949, married Annie Powers

09-98   William Hamilton, 1853-1936, married (1) Maria Herron (2) Maria Townsend

09-99   Julia Alphena, 1855-1941, married Rev. Dixon Sharpe

09-100 Agnes Ann, 1857-1943, married Joseph Rolls

09-101 Sarah Elizabeth, 1859-1861

09-102 Robert Eli, 1861-1862

09-103 Andrew Wesby, 1862-1952, married Lydia Baldwin

09-104 Bertha Jane, 1865-1889

09-105 Edith Emily, 1870-1949, married Oliver Fox

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